We love the outdoors. And we love people who love people. 

Learn more about our partnerships with organizations committed to making a difference in this wild, wild world. 

Founded by civilian contractor and dog trainer Torre Willadsen, Dogs2DogTags is dedicated to placing dogs in need of a home with veterans in need of unconditional love and support. After training Marines in Afghanistan to be dog handlers, Willadsen realized what a profound impact these creatures could have for those who serve actively and those who have returned to civilian life. In response to a staggering amount of PTSD-induced U.S. Veteran suicide rates, Dogs2DogTags helps connect veterans with one of the most therapeutic, life-affirming forces in this world: man’s best friend.

Alongside Dogs2DogTags, 4 Outdoors is able to facilitate meaningful connections between veterans and rescue dogs. Below, you'll find the first episode of our web series, where veterans meet their fur-ever friends for the first time. 


USA Shooting


    USA Shooting’s target is simple: prepare American athletes to win Olympic and Paralympic medals, promote the shooting sports throughout the U.S., and govern the conduct of international shooting throughout the country. With headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado—in the midst of one of the nations most stunning outdoor settings—USA shooting dedicates itself to responsible, safe, skilled shooting. That’s why the organization has a full-time staff that supports athletes, affiliates, and donors. 

            Alongside USA Shooting, 4 Outdoors wants to help create meaningful outdoor experiences that prioritize safety and skill.