Created by NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback and avid outdoorsman Brett Favre, 4Outdoors is a platform dedicated to providing meaningful outdoors experiences for people and organizations in need. 


Our Mission

What are you waiting for? Get out there. 


 Can you remember the first time nature took your breath away? Can you remember the first fish you ever caught, the first trail you ever hiked, or the first time your own family dog came running across the backyard when you called? That rush is unforgettable. We feel whole when we get out there. And at 4 Outdoors, nothing is more important than ensuring that everyone—regardless of status, ability, or circumstance—can be part of the great, wild, welcoming world we call home.

Created by NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and avid outdoorsman Brett Favre, 4 Outdoors is a platform dedicated to creating meaningful outdoors experiences for people and organizations in need. We believe that getting people outside will help them grow, which is why we have committed ourselves to fostering connections in, with, and around the great outdoors.


Who We Are

When we think Brett Favre, we think football. After all, the field was his home for nearly two decades. But when Brett Favre thinks about where he belongs, he thinks about being outside. These days, he enjoys the outdoors by riding his bike, hunting, and fishing (just to name a few). But Favre has been an outdoorsman since he was a youngster: “When my Dad wasn’t coaching me in football or baseball, growing up I was always outside,” Favre said. “Hunting, fishing, just walking through the woods—you name it. I wanted to be outside.” Throughout his life, Favre has considered nature his anchor and has always returned to his favorite outdoor activities when times get tough. “I got to thinking, ‘Everyone needs to be able to be in the outdoors with the people they love.’” And so 4Outdoors was born.

With the help of some of the outdoor industry’s brightest, most committed minds, Favre set out to use his nationwide influence for good. “If I can share what I love with just one person who otherwise may not have gotten outside, then I’ve done my job well,” Favre said. Whether Favre and the 4Outdoors team are helping get rescue dogs to veterans, organizing a skeet shoot for overworked law enforcement officers, or coordinating a fishing tournament for children with special needs, 4Outdoors has one simple goal: to get people out there. “When you’re outside, you’re away from the nitpicky stuff that tugs on your everyday life,” Favre said. “You’re out in the nitty gritty. Things matter more outside.”


What We Do

We believe in the power of the outdoors. We believe in the power of connection. We believe in the power of getting it done, and getting it done well.

4Outdoors partners with nationwide organizations that share our simple mission: to connect people with what matters by getting them outside. We believe that collaboration always leads to something bigger and better, which is why we are dedicated to teaming up with other organizations that share our passions and values in order to get people connected with and passionate about the outdoors.